The Premier League clubs will address the effect of their sponsoring deals with gaming firms at the shareholders’ meeting to be held later this day. ไทย คา สิ โน A year ago a member of the House of Lords asked the United Kingdom government to prohibit marketing agreements between gamblers and professional football clubs where sports teams advertise on kits their gambling sponsors in 2023.

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At a time when the British Government is massively reforming the laws on gaming in the region. The meeting will take place. In 2020 the analysis began, with a call-for-evidence deadline for the Government up to 31 March. Football clubs will be informed about the association between problem gambling and jersey patrons.

The government conducted a thorough review of the UK gambling laws to ensure they are fit for their purpose and control the rapidly evolving business conditions in the Sky Sports Coverage, clarified by a spokesman for the Digital Culture, Media & Sport Department (DCMS).

Sponsorships For Soccer Clubs Can Be A Massive Blow

And if the proposed moratorium on sponsoring arrangements between football clubs and players had not yet been determined by authorities, it required a compromise between the CEO of the English Premier League Richard Masters.
Mr Masters stated the presence of relationships between all EPL clubs with betting firms and conveyed the confidence in the obligation of these partnerships. He says that the casino operators currently operated with an aspect of self-regulation.

Potentially Catastrophic

Rick Parry, Chair of EFL, cautioned against a major detrimental effect on the budgets of football teams being prohibited from playing sponsorships immediately. Mr. Parry explains, in the event that Members of parliament attempt to enact reforms overnight, the strategy will be “potentially disastrous.” According to him, such action should be progressively adapted to the current situation in time to provide football teams an opportunity to adapt. Something that is also likely to cause serious problems.

The EFL Chair also reported that the sponsorship arrangements are an important source of revenue for soccer clubs and they were projected to be at least £40 million.

The House of Lords’ select Committee on the Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry released in July last year a comprehensive study titled “Gambling Harm – Time for Action.” The Committee made over 50 proposals to resolve the effect on players, friends, families and whole neighbourhoods that problem gambling can have.

Eight teams are sponsored by gaming firms on their t-shirts, while 17 clubs started the 2020/21 campaign with a betting company.

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Digital Entertainment

A spokeswoman for the Department of Digital, Entertainment, Media and Sports told Sky Sports News, “We are actively conducting an exhaustive review of game laws to ensure they follow digital requirements, and there is a public proof call available for submissions. Sky Sports News. In a November 2020 parliamentary inquiry, Richard Masters from the remier League CEO said that “Where a re-equilibrium is needed, that’s great, but we believe there should not be a sponsoring ban on football clubs or other sports clubs.


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